Chemistry Mystery

Chemistry demystified through fascinating experiments

About the course

Chemistry | Level 1 | Ages 11-13


Kids are born with curious minds. They love to mix things in your kitchen just to see what happens, they like to break open their toys just because they want to know where the sound is coming from. Our Chemistry Mystery Xplorers program is for children in the age group of 11 to 13 years, with workshops that are loaded with exciting activities through which they experience the chemistry behind everyday things. Eventually, they will learn that everything we see around us is caused by chemical reactions, so chemistry is no longer a mystery!
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Chemistry | Level 2 | Ages 14-15


All you need to learn chemistry is enthusiasm and the ability to organize the processes correctly. Children will find it more interesting to do everything themselves than to simply watch the process taking place on a computer or tv. Our Chemistry Mystery Investigators workshops aim to help young teens in the age group of 14 to 15 years to gain an understanding of how the elements interact to form compounds, and how those compounds react together. They get to learn about the bonding of atoms, acids and alkalis, electrolytic processes, hydrocarbons and various other chemistry concepts that will help them crack any chemistry mystery they come across!
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Chemistry | Level 3 | Ages 16-17


Our chemistry workshops for alchemists in the making of age group 16 to 17 years get more interesting with the introduction of organic chemistry, kinetics and equilibrium reactions. They are shown their importance in the real world by doing fun experiments which reveal wondrous phenomena resulting in sound understanding of even the most complex chemical concepts. The applications of chemistry helps them advance their knowledge of many industries from medicine, paints and polymers, petroleum, food and drink, environment, etc., ready and eager to take on university level study in a field that excites them.
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